SIGT MAG Rate Sheet - FINAL 2020 - 1200


Since founded on 3/11/2013, SIGT has vowed to refrain from negativity. 

We’re here to help. We’re here to give you a foot-up; a stepping stone. 

Share what you love, we’d love to share.

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Our target age demographic is 25-34. Based on our research, no other publication is catering to our age range via this medium in Central Florida, and we’ve been working to fill this hole in the market for quite some time. Our sites has reached over 25M people worldwide since 2013. We built our email list from the ground-up to over 12K subscribers and it’s growing every day.


Our favorite part about the digital platform is that your advertisement will remain a permanent fixture in our magazine forever, working for you long after you’ve paid for your investment. Each advertisement placed in SIGT Magazine will be digitally linked and made clickable to take the reader to your website with a simple click (or tap). Our goal is for your ad to continuously deliver you returns as long as you’re still in business.


SIGT Magazine is printed on beautiful, high-quality silk paper with a durable cover. We believe this encourages readers to hang onto our magazine for much longer, looking at it as a piece of art and music history. We strategically distribute our print magazines to key cultural locations where people are likely to pick up something to read — hair salons, auto repair shops, medical offices (doctors, dentists, cannabis dispensaries), coffee shops, restaurants, concert venues, music shops, record stores, and any culture-centered business or shop. If you’d like us to set up distribution at your location, please contact ///


Beautiful Design Comes First. Each page of SIGT Magazine is custom designed by our team to make your advertisement most effective. We’re marketers at heart with 20 years of combined experience. When you submit an ad, our team will take it to the table and brainstorm how to make it most effective and well received by our audience. When you purchase an ad space in our magazine, you’re also receiving a beautiful piece of custom-designed content you can utilize for your own marketing efforts. Some examples are below.


When Dexter got sick, he sold all his renowned “Dexter’s” restaurants to independent owners. Some standards fell. It just wasn’t the same. However, the Dexter’s in Winter Park was owned by a tremendous supporter of the local music and arts scene. His new brand was a giant leap from Dexter’s in Winter Park — to the corner of a major intersection—17/92 and Lee Rd. He had hired teams to make all the right logos, icons, patterns, and color samples. His brand sheet was very impressive. He wanted to make the announcement loud and classy. A careful balance. His new concept is aimed to be the City Winery of the south. These are some big shoes to fill. He wanted just a logo on the page. We conceptualized the peeling back of the surface to uncover the brand and presented it. It stopped him in his tracks. This wasn’t a spend for him, it was an investment. Nate used these graphics to brand the opening and built a viral hype, which he and his staff live up to, ten times over.

Dexters New Standard Winter Park Ad


This client was moving locations abruptly. They knew they had to get the word out they were moving. Buried in their move, they managed to design an advertisement for us to use. This ad would have most certainly sufficed in most any publication. But this is a business we love. RT-Art printed photos for our very first art show in 2013 — a benefit for the Paris Attacks — and gave us a little extra, when they didn’t have to. We knew we wanted to shout from a mountain about how great they are. This modern ad echoes past peaks, through valleys, and it stops you in your tracks.